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There are three types of readings that I commonly perform.


State of Being Reading

This reading gives you a point-in-time snapshot of where the Universe says you are at that very moment. It is a truly revealing reading that will give you information on

  • the energies or situations you can and cannot control at the moment
  • the energies that are passing and the energies that are now emerging
  • a holistic and realistic view of your situation, which could very well differ from how you current perceive it
  • how energies or situations that you're bringing with you or from which you're emerging affect your current situation
  • what your focus should be just now
  • where you are heading or should be heading

When I perform this reading, I do not ask you any questions at all and you do not provide me with any information at all prior to the reading.


I can do this type of reading for your inner self, your outer self, or both.

  • The Inner reading will reveal concerns with your innermost personal thoughts, emotions and feelings.
  • The Outer reading will reveal how you see and interact with the outside world and how the outside world is currrently affecting you.

Issue-based Reading

This is the type of reading customers commonly request when they visit a Tarot reader. It is meant to provide you with validation and/or guidance on some issue or issues that currently concern you. As such, you do provide me with a little bit of context before I perform the reading. I have a wide variety of spreads that I use to handle questions on issues such as relationships, travel, your pets, your next steps, and life in general.


Dynamic Reading

I get requests for this type of reading most often. When I do this reading for you, I don't ask you any questions and you won't give me any information at all. I nicknamed this the "No Holds Barred" reading because it tells you exactly what the Universe wants you to know. The Tarot doesn't lie and the Universe doesn't hold anything back - you'll know exactly what issue(s) is pressing at the moment and learn what you can do about it.