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Why I Call Myself The Tarot Sage  

Let's take a look at the definition of the word Sage: 

   Sage: A mature or venerable man of sound judgment. Wise through reflection and experience. 


I'm in my late sixties now and I have lived - and continue to live - a very full, busy and exciting life. I've been reading the Tarot since 2008 and have read for hundreds of people. At this stage of the game, I think I fit the definition rather well. I decided it was time for me to take on a moniker that befits my life experience, so I adopted this name. Hopefully, you'll see that wisdom, judgment, knowledge and experience come through when I do a reading for you.

How I Got Started...

I come from a family of psychically-gifted individuals, some of whom at various times have done Tarot readings, performed energy healings, and spoken with departed souls. These gifts seem to run particularly strong in the women on one side of my family, but I happen to be one of the few males who inherited the gifts. My main gift, specialty and area of most interest is the Tarot. I'm extremely fascinated by it and seem to have a great connection to it.


I was called by Spirit to do work with the Tarot, and Spirit did so in a very clear and unambiguous way. I can remember it as if it happened last week.


I woke up one morning back in September of 2007 and had one overwhelming thought in my mind: “I have to learn the Tarot.” The thought was clear and unmistakable. It ran through my head at least five times. I thought it might have to do with a dream or something, so I just wrote it off as a silly urge.


The next morning, I woke up with the same thought, only stronger. “I have to learn the Tarot! I don’t know why, but I have to learn the Tarot!” The message was so strong that I felt it in my bones, in the very core of my being. All of a sudden, I had a distinct purpose in my personal life. The message was quite clear, unambiguous, and extremely explicit. “I HAVE TO LEARN THE TAROT! NOW!”


For the next week, I couldn’t get the message out of my mind. The oddest feeling was that I knew that I had to learn the Tarot but I couldn’t figure out why. (At some point I just figured the reason would make itself known later.) It wasn’t until I dug up an old Tarot book and an original-style Rider-Waite deck that the feeling began to subside. Of course, I figured it would given that I was now starting to fulfill my mandate.


I soon took an introductory class on Tarot from a local reader, and my Tarot career was off and running. Soon after the class, my mind just seemed to open up and it felt like a great fog had lifted from around my brain. The Tarot started making far more sense to me than ever before, and it seemed immensely comfortable and familiar. “I’ve done this before, somehow,” I thought. I’ve been doing professional readings ever since.


So began my new journey, a journey that would open new doors and provide me with heretofore unimaginable opportunities, gifts, and blessings. It is one that has profoundly changed my life – it has altered the way I think, feel, and experience life; it has changed the way I view and interact with others; and it has most clearly redefined my whole view of spirituality and how I approach it. In essence, it made me feel as if I was a whole new person. I’ve changed in a way that, for lack of a better way to say it, has taken me to “the next level” of my existence.

I particularly love the symbolism in the Tarot - I never seem to tire of studying it. It’s amazing how the Tarot incorporates things such as astrology, numerology, colors, sigils, and icons from various philosophical and spiritual belief systems. I’ve been fascinated by symbolism since I was a very little boy, so my love for it makes perfect sense and really doesn't surprise me at all. As you can imagine, I have a number of Tarot decks that I use for my readings. They encompass a wide variety of symbolism and represent various artistic approaches and perspectives.  


Books have always been an important part of my life, so the fact that I have an extensive Tarot library is no surprise to anyone who's known me for very long. I love to read and to study. I have books on almost every area of interest that cover topics such as card meanings, spreads, reversals, court cards, the major arcana, tips & tricks, and getting into professional readings. I also have books that cover how the Tarot relates to topics such as Astrology, Numerology, the Hero's Journey, the Kabbalah, the Cube of Space, Jungian Psychology, Jungian Archetypes, and psychology in general. (So many books, so little time.)


I really enjoy helping people and providing them with guidance and assistance via the Tarot. The messages I convey always contain information from Spirit and the Universe that can empower them to see and think more clearly about the issue(s) at hand. It's such a great feeling when, for example, I see a client's face light up because something now makes more sense, or when there's a sigh of relief and a happy smile because a great or heavy weight has been taken off of a client's shoulders. As I often tell my clients, "I just LOVE what I do!"


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