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  • Wisdom. The Tarot can provide you with wisdom that will enable you to become a better person. It can help you get in touch with your true inner self, help you appreciate and incorporate the wisdom of the ages, inspire you to set high standards, and help you develop a solid connection with the Universe.


I have these precepts in my mind whenever I do a reading. My philosophy also includes having the strength and integrity to do what is in the best interests and the greatest good for my clients, always using the Tarot as a tool to help them realize their highest purpose.


The Tarot has profoundly broadened and deepened the way I look at myself, at others, and at life in general. It’s helped me look deeper inside myself and helped me to begin understanding the nuances of my own character and life. I’m constantly amazed at what I learn when I do readings for others. I’m also constantly in awe of the continuing proof I personally get that the Tarot does indeed work. I do countless readings where I neither ask clients any questions nor do I receive any information from them, and yet the Tarot accurately reveals what is going on in their lives and what they should be considering as a next course of action.


I have a very simple philosophy regarding the Tarot. I believe that the Tarot is a great and wonderful tool that enables you to gain the following from the Great Spirit and the Universe:


  • Knowledge. The Tarot can provide the knowledge you need to make spiritually informed decisions on issues  that impact your life. Rather than give you step-by-step directions on what you should do for a given issue, it instead provides you with information about energies, people, situations, and personal qualities (physical, intellectual, energetic and emotional) that may be causing or affecting the issue at hand. You can then analyze how your current state of being fits within the context of this information and then determine what you believe you need to do to resolve the issue as appropriate.

  • Guidance. The Tarot can provide you with the guidance you need to walk and work through your life’s path more effectively and smoothly. It can indicate what lessons you’re going through just now and what you may still need to learn. It can help you learn how to let go of that which you no longer need, how to gain that which will be beneficial to you, and how to move towards that which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

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