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Q: What do you charge for Tarot readings? 

A: My fee for a 10 minute Skype, Zoom or phone reading is $26.00 and is non-refundable. (Credit card only, please.) If you would like a longer reading, I book additional time in 10 minute increments. Contact me to book a Tarot reading  when you're ready to get some guidance and peace of mind

Q: How long is a typical reading?

A: My readings are normally 10 minutes long. I usually don't have to go over ten minutes because I can cover a lot of ground in that amount of time. I don't add any fluff or unnecessary dialogue to my readings. I just get straight to the point, reading and conveying to you exactly what I see in the cards.

Q: What kind of readings do you perform?

A: I do several different types of readings. You can see a list of the readings I do and in the Types of Readings page.

Q: Can I ask for a longer reading?

A: Certainly! Although I usually don't have to go over ten minutes, I know some clients might want to go longer because they get very involved in the reading results and may need more time to follow up on certain aspects of the reading. Other clients may be interested in digging deeper into their given situation or issue and would like more time to be able to do that.

Q: Do you perform your readings intuitively?

A: Yes, I intuitively read the cards to interpret the message they present. Although I have a great knowledge of the commonly held core meanings and derivative meanings of the cards, I rely on my intuition and the card's relative context and position within the spread to determine what the card means at that point in time.


Q: Do you predict the future?

A: No, I don't do predictions. Instead, I do forecasts. They're much better and make you freer to affect the outcome. You can learn more about my approach to forecasts by reading my article titled Tarot and the Future: Predicting vs Forecasting.

Q: Do you answer Yes/No questions?

A: No, I don't answer “Yes/No” questions. By it's very nature, this is a very limiting, narrow type of question. It’s been my experience over the past twelve years that it's far better to ask for the outlook of a given situation or issue. Approaching your question in this manner provides you with more options and more control over the possible outcome of the situation or issue at hand.


Q: Can I ask questions and/or take notes during the reading?

A: Absolutely! Given that the reading and the message it provides is specifically for you, I highly encourage you to ask questions and take notes.

Q: When should I call you for a Tarot reading?

A: Get a reading when you feel you need some Spiritual guidance on a situation or issue that concerns you. This could include issues with relationships, questions about travel, issues or situations at work, decisions you have to make, what kind of choices you might have for a given situation or issue, questions about your inner self, and questions about your path in life.


Q: How often should I call you for a Tarot reading?

A: Only when you really feel you need the reading. This would be when you need an update on the outlook or status of your situation or issue, or when you have an entirely new situation or issue that concerns you. Based on the amount of information I typically get for any given reading, there is really no need for you to book a reading every week.

Q: Are you beginning to do in-person readings again?

A: Yes, I'm now venturing out doing in-person readings for people who are fully vaccinated, but I still continue to provide readings by phone, Skype or ZoomCovid restrictions are still a mixed bag in many areas, but I'm still wearing a mask and practicing social distancing for my own personal health and well-being when doing readings at a metaphysical store or psychic fair.  


Q: Will you start doing public readings for business events, parties, psychic fairs and the like?

A: Yes, if they have proper COVID protocols in place. I still offer to do these events via Skype or Zoom but I'm now entertaining the possibility of doing more events in person. But again, I'll still be wearing a mask and practicing social distancing for my own personal health and well-being when I participate in any events.

Q: I like the Tarot cards you use on your site. Which decks do they come from?

These are all cards from decks that I own. I thought they conveyed the theme of the page they're on quite well. Click here for info on the cards.