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Q: How much do you charge for a in-person reading?

A: My fee for a 10 minute in-person reading is $36.00 cash or credit. If you would like a longer reading, I book additional time in 10 minute increments. There is a nominal surcharge for travel past my general service area. You can book an in-person reading via my Book A Reading page. 

Q: Why are your readings priced differently when you read at metaphysical stores? 

A: There are two basic reasons why they are priced differently:

    1) The store already has pre-defined prices (and time allotments) for the readings they offer. 

    2) The price accounts for the store's cut of the reading fee: My Fee + The Store's Cut = What You Pay

Q: Do you provide phone readings? If so, what do you charge for them?

A: Yes, I do offer phone readings. My fee for a 10 minute phone reading is $36.35; this fee is non-refundable. If you would like a longer reading, I book additional time in 10 minute increments. You can book a phone reading via my Book A Reading page. 

Q: Do you do public readings for business events?

A: Yes, I do! I am available for readings at fairs, expos, adult birthday parties, bachelorette parties, Girls Night Out parties, holiday parties, production and wrap parties, conferences and business events. You can book me for an event via my Book an Event page.

Q: How do I find out where you'll be doing readings?

You can find out when and where I'll be doing readings on my Calendar page.

Q: What kind of readings do you perform?

A: I do several different types of readings. You can see a list of the readings I do and in the Types of Readings page.

Q: How long is a typical reading?

A: My readings are normally 10 minutes long. I usuallly don't have to go over ten minutes because I can cover a lot of ground in that amount of time. I don't add any fluff or unnecessary dialogue to my readings. I just get straight to the point, reading and conveying to you exactly what I see in the cards. 


Q: Can I ask for a longer reading?

A: Certainly! Although I usually don't have to go over ten minutes, I know some clients might need to go longer because they get very involved in the reading results and may need more time to follow up on certain aspects of the reading. Other clients may be interested in digging deeper into their given situation or issue and would like more time to be able to do that.

Q: Do you perform your readings intuitively?

A: Yes, I intuitively read the cards to interpret the message they present. Although I have a great knowledge of the commonly held core meanings and derivative meanings of the cards, I rely on my intuition and the card's relative context and position within the spread to determine what the card means at that point in time.


Q: Do you predict the future?

A: No, I don't do predictions. Instead, I do forecasts. They're much better and make you freer to affect the outcome. You can learn more about my approach to forecasts by reading my article titled Tarot and the Future: Predicting vs Forecasting.

Q: do you answer Yes/No questions?

A: No, I don't answer “Yes/No” questions. By it's very nature, this is a very limiting, narrow question. It’s far better to ask for the outlook of a given situation or issue. Doing this can provide you with more options and more  control over the outcome of your question.


Q: Can I ask questions and/or take notes during the reading?

A: Absolutely! Given that the reading and the message it provides is specifically for you, I highly encourage you to ask questions and take notes.

Q: I like the Tarot cards you use on your site. Which decks do they come from?

These are all cards from decks that I own. I thought they conveyed the theme of the page they're on quite well. Click here for info on the cards.

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