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Please contact me if you'd like to submit a testimonial about your reading that will be added to this page.

Mike’s Actor’s Analysis reading is a profound & insightful experience. While it is meant for acting and illuminating the blocks in that arena, it also supported me in recognizing other areas of life where I get to grow, heal, expand, and release.


Mike is incredibly gifted and very powerfully intuitive, diving into what’s occurring physically, energetically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. What was also powerful about this reading, is that Mike opens up how each of those areas effects acting, and then what to do about it. It was uncanny how he was able to recognize some of the deep changes that have been occurring within me, as well as recognize what I have been working on healing. Leaving the reading, I became clear on where I get to focus my time, energy, and attention. It’s been a few days since the reading, and I am still having aha-moments.


I wish I had gotten this reading when I moved to LA and I'm also aware that this reading happened in divine timing. ~Gemma D. (Referring to the Performer's Analysis reading)

Mike is great. I was in need of some clarity on my life. He gives a thorough and comprehensive reading, which (for me) was insightful and correct. I left energized and thankful. I was a little apprehensive, but Mike eased it. He's passionate about what he does! ~Raquel R. (Phone reading.) 


I called Mike for a phone reading that had an emphasis on my love life. I was very pleasantly surprised so see that he took a lot of care to give me as much detail as possible. His information was very accurate, and it definitely helped ease my troubles. I highly recommend getting a reading done by Mike! ~Diana J. (Phone reading)

I had a reading with Mike at a psychic fair, and he was on point. My reading even included my son, which was so amazing, but it was all on point. Mike is very knowledgeable. If you ever need an accurate and honest reading, call Mike. You will not be disappointed. ~Ilsie G.

Mike’s been 100% accurate with all of my readings. I’m always shocked how spot on he’s gotten with his forecasts. He gives such a detailed reading, getting into the hidden nuances of what your situation is that it almost feels like a psychological extrasensory deep dive. He’s truly gifted and amazing! ~Fabiola V.

Valuable, Genuine, and Caring. These are three words I believe to sum up Mike Hernandez’s tarot card reading. I didn’t go into this session with any expectations and/or preconceived notions. Just as myself. Before we started the session, we talked about the day and the weather. Typical casual talk. When Mike pulled out the cards, I'd forgotten that this tarot reading was specifically for actors. But this was great, though, because I knew this was going to be helpful and resourceful for my endeavors. At the end of the session, I felt more grounded by Mike's affirmation of my existing qualities to continue building for the better. On top of that, Mike addressed qualities about myself to make improvements so I can apply in my work. By laying it all out in front of me with tools to accomplish my goals, I felt this was insightful and mind opening. I’m pretty sure he does tarot readings for other subject matter. As for my tarot reading, I know Mike Hernandez’s tarot reading is definitely worth it! I highly recommend Mike!~Jason N. (Referring to the Performer's Analysis reading.)

Mike’s reading was fun, powerful and exceeded my expectations in terms of the experience. The fact that it was tailored for an actor and artist made it that much more rewarding and personal. ~Preston W. 
(Referring to the
Performer's Analysis reading.)

I met Mike back in July at BOTI Studios in Anaheim. He provided me with a 7 month reading forecasting the rest of the year. So far, the reading has come to fruition. I had a couple of questions on changes that I had been contemplating so we did a phone reading in October. The cards still read the same as they did back in July but he was able to expand on the forecast. We were able to cover a lot of information within the time allotted, it was like 'Tarot on steroids' because of all that we covered. I highly recommend Mike. He is attuned to his guides and is highly connected when giving readings. He also knows a heck of a lot about Tarot. ~Rubie R. (Phone reading)

I stumbled upon Mike, while scrolling through social media, and something about him resonated with me. I’m in my 60’s and a well respected Psychic Medium with gifts from childhood.  Over the years I have had many readings as I can’t read for myself... I’m rarely impressed and often left feeling the reading was a let down. However.. I am blown away by how incredibly accurate Mike is. Spot on!  The guy is amazing.  Mike is an excellent reader and a lovely person too. I am recommending him to many.  Thank you Mike.  Your gifts and skills are off the charts awesome. ~Caroline B. (Phone reading)

I have had four phone sessions with Mike Hernandez, and I have always been impressed by how accurate his tarot readings are.  I’m always so surprised that despite the physical detachment of a phone call and not informing him of anything that’s going on, the cards still tell him exactly what’s going on.  And, his forecasts are in tune with the options I had already considered.  He infuses his life experience and compassion when explaining anything I may have a question about.  I chose him because someone close to me went to him and I was shocked at the accuracy of their reading.  My experience with him has solidified the idea that Mike is the real deal when it comes to tarot readings.  On a practical level, he does not try to upsell me, and I appreciate that greatly.  If you need confirmation or clarity about a specific situation, please contact Mike Hernandez for a reading. ~Steven S. (Phone reading.)

I've had numerous readings over the years and you are truly a gifted reader. You are grounded, focused, and clear. Your information makes sense and does not overwhelm the client. I have a very sensitive BS meter and you passed with flying colors! Plus you have a wonderful sense of humor. ~Barb K.


Mike's tarot reading spoke worlds of truth regarding my current state of being. He didn't know my current life’s issues, but he was able to tap into the struggles I have been dealing with and gave insight to how I would move on and become stronger on my path. It was amazingly accurate to a 'T' and the whole time he was explaining the cards, I was nodding in agreement. I would highly recommend a tarot reading with Mike. It is the real deal! ~Kelsey M.

For a birthday get-together we had Mike meet 5 of us ladies at Vovina in Kirkland to do readings before we went to dinner.  Mike was insightful (as well as delightful).  He gave each of us the option to have a reading based on a specific question or just life in general.  We had a great time contemplating the “cards” that were dealt and listening to Mike’s great intuition as he helped us understand their meaning!  We’ll definitely do this again! ~Denise R. (Girl's Night Out)

Mike was awesome! He responded quickly each time I contacted him and was able to accommodate all my requests. He was organized and timely and had offered to meet with me before the party to work out exactly what I was anticipating. He did readings for my daughter’s bachelorette party and was a hit. He encouraged lots of participation and gave very appropriate readings for the situation. He was such a hit, that he even was willing to stay longer than the agreed upon 2 hours so that everyone that wanted a reading had at least one session with him. I would use Mike again and can whole heartedly recommend him. ~Kathleen B. (Bachelorette Party)


I've never had a reading before, and I'm a natural born skeptic, but I genuinely enjoyed my reading from Mike. He was a guest for our company's Halloween party. He was very welcoming and only asked one clarifying question in the very beginning. His reading certainly helped, in the least, come to a better understanding of what I wanted in the near term. Thanks, Mike! ~Troy

(Company Halloween Party)

Mike was both very easy to work with and a talented Tarot Reader. He did 9 sessions in 2 hours and everyone who saw him had great things to say. I would highly recommend him and will be looking at booking him for another party in the future.
~Drew (Company Halloween Party)

Mike was so much fun! He is a very friendly man and we enjoyed visiting with him after the party ended. We will definitely recommend him to friends. Everyone had a great experience. ~Gordon and Heidi (Private Halloween Party)

Saw you at the Mill Creek Psychic fair yesterday and thanks for the great read!!!! Validated some things, added clarity to others. You've got a great energy and made it a very pleasant experience. It was my first time and you have a great gift!!!! Keep it up, I know I'll see you again for a read!!!! ~Stacy

Mike Hernandez is my new tarot card friend!!! I liked his positive, warm energy from the first moment we met, and his reading was extremely accurate. I sat down and simply said, "Just give me a general reading," without telling him anything about my situation, what had been on my mind, or any issues I had been dealing with. Right away the cards in front of him were dealt out into the spread, and Mike read the pattern with interest and an obvious enjoyment of what he does best. Immediately where I was headed in areas of my career/work and finances came up. He said that I wouldn't be staying where I presently was (he had no idea I was at a temporary job) and where I was at in terms of looking for my next move. He gave sound advice, and his predictions, like the cards, ended on a positive note. I very much enjoyed Mike's reading and am looking forward to seeing him for readings again in the near future! Thanks Mike - to a fellow ex-El Pasoan who also loves authentic Mexican food - you are great! ~Sharon

UPDATE: Kewl... well, your reading for me was sooooo accurate! My NEW job was indeed "being prepared" for me, so I was "patient" and so now "money is not going to be a problem"! :D ~Sharon

Thanks again Mike. You are masterful. I am at peace. ~Randee

I really enjoyed our reading @ Arlene's faire.... you helped me so much! ~Colette

It was great to meet you at Friends, Philosophy & Tea last Saturday. Your tarot card reading was dead on!!!! It provided me valuable insight into my current life situation. Very useful!!! ~Nancy

Don't miss an opportunity to get a reading with Mike! He is amazing, has great boundaries, is very clear and knows how to deliver the information in such a way that partners with you so that you are able to empower yourself! I have found my readings to be powerful tools to assist me with navigating my path! ~Kathi

Thank you so very much for the Tarot Card readings at our Halloween Party. Everyone loved the readings and guests said, "you were amazing and on the money." Can't wait to invite you to other parties! Thanks again! ~Summer (Private Halloween Party)

You were wonderful, so very nice, and I must say right on target! I was really amazed! Looking forward to having another reading with you soon! ~Carolyn

You're my favorite person to talk to about the story the cards always have for me. Thank you so much for listening and making sure I have a full understanding to what is filtered out within myself and what is not clear in words before looking inward. ~Lilly

Thank you for the very insightful and accurate read today. I enjoyed re-connecting with you and getting myself unstuck. ~Mary

Thanks again for the reading! You were exactly right on and it was something I needed to hear at this particular time in my life! I received two other readings this day and I took nothing from them. I felt very connected to you and your spirit! Thanks! Looking forward to the next reading! Thanks again! ~Marsha

We had a blast too! So insightful and also fun. Thanks again for everything! ~Andrea (Company "Bonding" Party)

Mike – Thank you for the easing of our minds. I will go have a terrific life! ~Julia

Mike – Thank you so much, you have helped me realize I need to let go and have more confidence and not to worry! ~Kellie

Powerful, Mike, and you’re beautiful. I’m taking away a gift for sure! ~Melody

Mike – Thanks much for both readings. I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. ~Jenny

Mike - Thank you so much for the wonderful, inspiring readings and the education! You are a joy! ~Janice

First Day of Spring! Thanks for saying out loud the things I can't put into words. ~Diane

Hi Mike. Saw you for a reading yesterday at East West and had a great time. You were spot on! ~Irene

The reading you gave me was GREAT! It was right on the money! Thank you so much! ~Connie

I enjoyed the reading and positive energy it brought into my life. You have a gift. ~Maria

Mike, thank you very much for helping me in getting clear and helpful guidance. You are very good at interpreting the cards! Thanks! ~Teresa

Wow! Mike, you are amazing! Loved the reading. ~ Debbie

I really like reading with you. You are honest, clear, and shamelessly true. ~Mayam

The information that you provided was extremely helpful, insightful and meaningful to recent events in my life. It has given me a peace in knowing that everything is going to be okay. The world can use more ethical, trustworthy people like you helping all of us on our journey. ~Maggie

I thank you again for your insights. I've recommended you to many people as I think you are very gifted. ~Kris

Thanks so much for the reading you did for me recently. It has really been helpful and is still unfolding. ~Alanna

Your reading resonated with where things are at this point in my life, particularly the reminder from Spirit to be happy, celebrate and most importantly to feel/experience all things that are new in my life. You're obviously getting very clear and accurate guidance in the work that you're doing. ~Liz

As for your interpretations, I feel as though you were right on. I sooooooooooooooooooo needed that reading. ~Anna

Your reading gave me some great space to just sit back and observe. ~Ed

The readings were very helpful and since then so much of what was shown has come to fruition. ~Jules

I appreciated the information and found that I slept so much better that night knowing that the upcoming events are going to work out just fine for me!! ~Maggie

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