I have a very no-nonsense style and the readings I provide are grounded, clear, concise and pragmatic. I read the cards intuitively and just try to tell the story the cards unveil, whether it's guidance, information, validation, what the Universe wants you to know, or just a good old fashioned point in the right direction.


Note that the Tarot is always truthful and holds nothing back - it always tells you what you need to know at any given time for any given situation. I'm as honest and open as I can possibly be during the reading because in the end, the message is for you.


You are the one who is ultimately responsible for deciding how you react to results of the reading and determining what subsequent actions, if any, you will take.

These are types of readings that I commonly perform. (You can click here to book me for a reading.)

Dynamic Reading. My most popular reading. Choose this reading when you don’t want to say anything at all but want to know what message the Universe wants to give you right now.

Question-based Reading. A Tarot reader’s most commonly requested reading. Get this reading when you need validation and/or guidance on a particular question.

Elemental Reading. This reading is great when you feel odd and you can’t figure out whether it pertains to your daily life, your perspectives, how you focus your energies or how you deal with emotions.

Issue at Hand Reading. This is the reading to have to get guidance on a particular issue or situation that just seems difficult to address.

Options Reading. Get this reading when you must make a decision on an issue that has two or more possible resolutions and you want guidance on which resolution(s) may work out for you the best.


Relationship Reading. Get this reading when you have issues with a relationship and you want to know what’s really going and what you may need to do to move forward.

State of Being Reading. Get this reading when you feel something is really affecting your life right now and you want to see the complete picture on what’s going on and what you should do about it.

The Three Doors Reading. This is the reading to get when you feel you’re going through some cycle in life and you need some clarity on focus and direction.


Please Note:

I do not do predictions – I do forecasts. They're much better and make you freer to affect the outcome. Please read my article Tarot and the Future: Predicting vs. Forecasting for more on my take on this issue.

I do not answer “Yes/No” questions. It’s far better to ask for the outlook of a given situation or issue. Doing this can provide you with more options and more  control over the outcome of your question.

Reading Disclaimer (Please read this...)

You must be 18 years or older in order to receive a reading from me.

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