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Pre-talk Exercises


  1. Take a look at my promo materials.

    1. Take a few moments to peruse though my website and jot down some notes. (Type in to return to this page.) 

      • What's your first general impression of the website?

      • What do you like about the website?​

      • Is it easy to navigate to each page?

      • Does the layout make sense?

      • Does it look like a Tarot reader's website?

      • Were you able to learn what you needed to know about me by perusing the site?

    2. Here are links to my business card and two promo sheets. Take a look at them and jot down some notes.

      • What's your first impression of each one?

      • What do you like about these materials?​

      • What information do you gather by reading them?

      • Would you be inclined to pick any of them up and take them with you?

        My Business Card       Metaphysical Store Promo Sheet       Psychic Fair/Event Sheet



  1. Click the following link to see 9 business cards.     Business Card Image

  2. Assume they're spread out on your table.

  3. Take a look at them for no more than 30 seconds.

  4. Choose three cards that you're going to keep - the others you'll just toss in the trash can.

  5. Write down what attracted you to these three cards and why you decided to keep them. 

  6. Note who you would call first, second and third.

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