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Here’s what you can expect when we do the reading:


  1. About half an hour or so before the reading, I’ll send you a Square Invoice for the amount of $30.00. You pay the invoice, I’ll get a confirmation that it’s been paid, and that takes care of the payment.

  2. I’ll call you (you must provide me with your phone number) or send you the Zoom meeting information just before the appointed time so we can have a couple of minutes to say hi and such.

  3. The Reading begins when I ask you the question, “Do I have your permission to shuffle for you?” I’ll shuffle the deck and start the reading.

    I will not ask you any questions and you don’t have to tell me anything at all before the reading. If you choose to reveal any details about your issue or situation, however, please tell me no more than is absolutely necessary. The discussion will be on the clock and will take time from reading the cards.


  4. At 9 minutes, you’ll hear a “beep” from my timer. That means I have one minute to recap and summarize what we’ve seen and end the reading.

  5. If you need or want to do another 10 minutes, I’ll immediately send you another Square Invoice for $30.00, you pay it, I’ll get confirmation and we’re ready to continue. 


That’s all there is to it. Easy peasy.

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